At what point does it all end? Life, Love, Peace, Music, Education, Experience…The River Nile :) The thought of everything that life holds is extremely overwhelming-all the factors that go into a full 24 hour day.

If you’re religious or superstitious you are probably thinking about all the near-misses; bad wishes, bad thoughts, karma, walking under that ladder. If you are an empathetic person you are thinking about the myriad of injustices that go on in the world today-pollution, desertification, child labour, money laundering and all the evil concieved by the Human race.

You probably wonder how its possible to actually wake up in the morning? The good news is all we need to do as individuals is do te right thing. Life would be less brutal. The bad news is… it is absolutely impossible.

Today, you are going to lie to someone, you are going to hate on someone, you’re going to overstep someone to get what you want and you’re going to ignore something or someone you dont need to. You might to do it all or just some of it.

How do you not go insane at the the thought of it all?

They say you need to accept that which you cannot control.

However, for a seasoned procrastinator like myself it is important to have a nagging conscience.

As you begin the month of July-take a not from Cancer and Leo and be pro-active in your own individual ways, be a little sensitive…it helps with friendships and intuition.

Have good, clean fun-enjoy great meals, pick a catchy, happy song to wake up to in the morning and wish someone well and mean it as often as you can.

Fear Less, Love more-BE ECLECTIK!!!!!! That’s the motto! Forward march!






Written by T.Soul


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