A few days of reflection is exactly what was needed to jumpstart this second month of Eclectik-ism. A few hours were spent on Facebook, something I haven’t done in a while and it is a jungle in there.

Over the past 3 years I have accepted each and every friend request and my newsfeed is flooded with faces I don’t recognize. This would have been extremely exciting a few years ago because I had more time and I didn’t need information or news as fast as I do now. Which brings me to ask, how is it possible to tether the wild animal that is Facebook and get it to give you exactly what you need?

On the flipside June has brought about a storm of celebration especially here in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. A number of note-worthy personalities have been celebrating their birthdays this past week. Ive sent too many birthday wishes but a few of them have just got to be mentioned.

In a space of three days, three DreamCatchers that I admire welcomed a new year! Aside from the fact that this makes me utterly jealous that one month can hold so many pioneers, I am only happy to wish them A HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Eclectik-City!!

Our first June baby is Tanzania’s numero uno ambassador in the fashion capitals of the world, she is responsible for a foundation that helps the less-fortunate back home and is constantly following the developments of her home-country, Tanzania- Supermodel, Flaviana Matata

Another young African who captures every essence of a DreamCatcher is the outgoing Vanessa Mdee. When she’ not hosting a radio show on Choice FM in Dar es Salaam, she is travelling the world representing MTV Base on the red carpet or on TV. She is also the founder of Dynamites Mission-a website that covers her dedication to HIV/AIDS eradication and features interviews, conferences, facts and events all related to her cause.




The third DreamCatcher we are covering is MxCarter-social media guru, IT champion, local celebrity and part-time photographer. His work speaks for itself. Check it out! 




Written by T.Soul




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