Akbar Thabeet

Communications Student/Photographer

Twitter: @iamfrsh183

‘Everyone can hold a camera but not everyone has an eye for photography’- Words spoken by the one guy that can turn even the most basic idea into a work of visual art. You’ve definitely spotted the cool, calm and collected Akbar Thabeet; a constant feature in all the hotspots, either partying or watching you party from behind the lens of a Canon 5D Mark II.

I met Akbar to discuss photography and the future. He’s currently on a break from studying for a Communications degree and during this time he has earned himself a name as a much sought-after photographer, booking photo shoots with various personalities and individuals around Tanzania.

How did you start?

‘I got my first camera when I was 17. I just like taking pictures. People got to see my work and from there more and more people asked if I could photograph them.’

‘I don’t consider myself a professional photographer. There are people I think are better than me but I don’t feel I have gotten to that level’.

This quite modest coming from a person that has taken some of the most artistic pictures I’ve ever seen!

‘What’s the most beautiful picture he’s ever taken?

‘I once took a picture of Dar from the boat on the way from Zanzibar with my iPhone and I got the most compliments on it than any other picture I’ve ever taken. My favorite pictures are landscape photos of buildings, cities and the like.’

What makes a good picture?

They’re a couple of things that go into a good picture. You have to look at the main subject, the angle, lighting and the idea behind it.

What was the most interesting theme he’s worked with for a photo shoot?

‘The coolest was when I was shooting Vanessa Mdee (MTV Base/Choice FM). It was a construction theme, there were old tractors at this place, she was wearing a plaid shirt and she was rocking a helmet. It was really cool.’

Akbar Thabeet hopes to concentrate on photography professionally in the future. In the meantime, check out more pics of Akbar’s work below.















Written by T.Soul


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